The Magic of Music Jewelry Boxes

Musical jewelry boxes hold a special place in the hearts of not just adults but also little girls. Have you tried opening a musical jewelry box and watched and listened in awe at the little ballerina dancing to the melodic tune? Have you ever thought of how these wonderful musical boxes came about?

The first musical box was seen during the 19th century in Switzerland. What’s exciting was that it was originally designed for men to carry in their pockets. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Today, these boxes are designed for women. During those times, musical boxes were available in different shapes and sizes – from small ones that you can keep in your pocket to larger ones the size of bigger furniture. Musical boxes were so expensive that only the rich and the affluent could buy them.

Today, thanks to automation and mass production, musical jewelry boxes can be acquired by anyone. You’ve probably wondered how such a small thing can produce music. It’s as if there were little musicians who play tiny musical instruments inside. So how does a musical box work?

The basic components of a musical box involves a mechanism with a metal cylinder made of brass, which has raised pins that are spaced to create melody, a steel comb with tuned teeth that produce the notes, and a spring mechanism attached to the cylinder that is wound in order for the mechanism to work. The cylinder produces the melody when the spring is wound making the cylinder turn with the teeth of the comb plucking the pins that makes music. Popular music used in these boxes include classical music like Swan Lake and well-known Disney songs and children’s tunes.

The subtle soothing sounds produced by a music box stir emotions and memories that trigger our moods. The older generation enjoys listening to musical boxes as they evoke sentiments and bring back memories of days gone by. For young girls, they bring joy and delight; but whatever age it would be, musical jewelry boxes always bring a smile. Musical boxes are considered treasures and they need to be kept in good condition.

Here are some tips for keeping your musical jewelry box in top condition.

First, make sure to keep the box in horizontal position. Always carry and store the box horizontally and never vertical or upside down as this may be harmful to its internal components. While the music is playing, avoid winding the spring. This may destroy the teeth of the comb.

Always wait for the end of the tune before winding the box again. Keep the box in a dry place with moderate temperature avoiding direct sunlight. If you find any internal damage, take it to a professional for the necessary repairs. Don’t attempt to repair the box yourself. You just might destroy other parts.

Proper care for your musical jewelry box will ensure that it’s always in top condition and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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