What Movie Is It Where There Is A Killer In A Scream Mask Chasing A Girl During A Track Meet?

The killer gets distracted and starts running as if he’s in the race as well and ends up being in first place. Everyone is cheering and he is lifted up on people’s shoulders who are celebrating as the girl he was chasing gets away. It a hilarious scene and thought it was part of Scary Movie 1 and I watched it last night on DVD and didn’t see that scene. Could someone tell me which movie it is from? Maybe it’s not part of the “Scary Movie” series?

Can I Download A Fake Movie Rating To Add To My Home Movie?

I’ve made a home movie recently and am about to burn it to a DVD but I want to insert a fake movie rating like you see at the beginning of the movie Tropic Thunder. I’ve googled it but nothing seems to pop up. Is there a site where I might be able to download one to add to my movie? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What Is A Movie That Deals With Ethnic Stereotypes?

I have to write a paper on a movie that has a lot of ethnic stereotypes in it. I am not a big movie person at all so nothing comes to mind.
Only movie I can’t do is Undercover Brother cause we watched that in class as an example. Any other good movies with lots of examples of ethnic stereotypes? Or treating a certain ethnicity poorly?

What Movie Ends With A Soldier Throwing His Weapons Into The Water?

I remember this movie from a long time ago, I believe it maybe have been an ’80s or ’90s movie. It takes place in a turmoil country like Bosnia or something of that sort, and there’s this “rogue” soldier who finds a pregnant women near a bridge or something and ends up helping her. At the end he is scene by a dock dressed in heavy dirty civilian clothes throwing his guns into the water. I remember it being quite an emotional movie. If any can help, Thanks!

What Are Different Types Of Movie Makers Beside Windows Movie Maker?

I like Windows Movie Maker but I want my videos/movies to look perfect and have lots of cool effects. I can’t seem to download Sony Vegas without the registration code and I can’t buy it. I’m trying to make this movie soon so I need some suggestions or recommendations on downloads of movie makers I should get.
Thank you. Please feel free to email me with tips, suggestions and questions. Thanks again.